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More than 20 customers have invited us as partners on site when using MethaPlus®. Please click on the examples listed below for a full case report with test data and results.

Customer details Anaerobic Digestion Plant, OMEX Environmental Ltd, Great Britain (ID10162_EN)
Plant size 500 kW
Year 2017
Raw material Grass silage (primary substrate, use throughout the year), Cattle slurry, whole crop silages
Conclusion Successful reduction in dry matter content in tanks 1 and 2, operational stability (no crusts), improvement in digestate flowability and mixing as a result of MethaPlus® application were the major achievements.
Customer details Biogas plant EnviTec, , Germany (10160_US)
Plant size 500 kW
Year 2014
Raw material corn silage, cattle manure, whole crops silage
Conclusion Substrate savings could be achieved through the use of MethaPlus® under practical operation. Because of improved conversion of substrate, 2.5 tons of FM maize silage could be saved per day and in addition related to that ca. 1,9 m3/d less digestate output. In the context of a stricter fertilization legislation the reduction of digestate becomes more importance. Current case study underlines again that MethaPlus® application is a proven and cost-efficient tool to optimize the biogas production and to improve its profitability.
Customer details SARL G3 Environnement, Coussey, France (ID-10159_EN)
Plant size 600 kW
Year 2013
Raw material Maize silage, grass silage, cow dung, gully
Conclusion More stable and more efficient operation of the plant could be achieved through the use of MethaPlus® in the biogas plant of SARL G3 Environnement. High proportions of grass silage and cow dung are fermented optimally and generate no problems. As a result of improved conversion of substrate, 1.5 tons of FM maize silage could be saved per day.
Name Country Plant size Year
Anaerobic Digestion Plant Great Britain 500 kW 2017
Biogas plant EnviTec Germany 500 kW 2014
SARL G3 Environnement France 600 kW 2013
Bio Energie Bunstruth GmbH & Co.KG Germany 250 kW 2012
Biogas plant Sukow agri.capital GmbH Germany 500 kW 2011
Hybridkraftwerk Germany 700 kW 2011
Biogas plant Klostermansfeld Danpower GmbH Germany 834 kW 2011
Biogas plant Birkenhof/Staudt Germany 125 kW 2010
Biogas plant ZP Mikulcice Czech Republic 500 kW 2010
Agrargenossenschaft Uckro e.G. Germany 536 kW 2010
Biogas plant ZD Novosedly Czech Republic 537 kW 2010
Biogas plant Waste Water Treatment Czech Republic 150 kW 2008

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