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Axiase™ 100

This new enzyme product enables you to intensify the usage of a wide range of cereal based fiber substrates, and consequently increases the cost-effectiveness of your biogas plant.

Despite the increasing importance of energy crop production, the use of whole crop cereal silages (grain-GPS) and in particular rye and triticale is often only possible in larger quantities. This is due to their mucilaginous characteristics. Deterioration of the flow behavior, floating layer, increasing energy capture and damage of mixing systems are typical observations in the fermenter.

With the tested enzyme Axiase ™ 100, developed with the support of MT-Energie, it is possible to use significantly more grain-GPS. The viscosity-reducing preparation even allows to increase the proportion of GPS up to 100%. In e.g. the biogas plant RAN GmbH & Co.KG (900kW) in Schleswig-Holstein this is currently practised. Thanks to Axiase ™ the process is stable and without difficulty after a gradual increase in GPS.

The key benefits of Axiase™ 100 that make biogas plants more profitable are:

  • maximized usage of cereal based fiber substrates in your substrate mix (replace maize silage);
  • increased flexibility in substrate management;
  • lower viscosity in the digester;
  • increased net energy production;
  • more stable biogas production.

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