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Enzymes have been and will continue to be a part of our daily life. Enzymes are proteins found everywhere in the natural world: in people, animals, plants and microorganisms alike. These enzymes catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur in nature. For example, it is enzymes in our stomach that break down food into a form that can be absorbed into our bodies and converted into energy.

Enzymes are commonly used both in food and non-food applications, including  in cheese, beer, detergents, textiles and many other areas  Biogas is an upcoming, exciting and challenging new application for enzymes. These can help you to optimize your process and improve your output.

Why enzymes
Enzymes bring a wide range of processing benefits and can bring important cost savings by:

  • Improving processing efficiency
  • Reducing production time
  • Replacing physical and chemical treatments
  • Reducing energy needs
  • Using less raw materials.

Dedicated experience
From the discovery of Amylase in 1906 to the launch of enzymes in biogas applications, our 100 years of innovation have made us a world leader in the formulation, production and supply of enzymes. We apply fermentation and biotech processes to make our own products, enzymes, antibiotics and vitamins. We provide an extensive, innovative range of products for pharma, food and non-food applications.

Improving biogas output
In biogas plants of the future, enzymes will be applied to adapt and accommodate the use of (cheap) raw materials that are currently not suitable for biogas production.  Enzymes will process these future raw materials such that a maximum energy (biogas) output is achieved. With DSM’s broad experience not only in enzymes and biotechnology but also in processes that yield these new biogas substrates, DSM is keen to help you understand and optimize your biogas plant while using the substrates of the future.

DSM enzymes developed for biogas applications: 


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