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In biogas production silage is often used as a substrate. Since manure is relatively low in fibers, the German Nawaro systems commonly add corn or grass silage to boost the organic matter in the biogas fermentor. Currently also GPS/cereal silages are applied, but due to technical restrictions only in view quantities. Axiase™ 100 helps to control the viscosity and supports that GPS/cereal silages could be applied in much a higher ratio. The silage composition and, most of all, the silage preservation system substantially affect the final biogas yields. DSM is ready to support you in getting the most out of the silage you apply. 

Manure and silage together creates an effective combination for the production of biogas. Axiase™ 100 acts on cereal silage fibers and breaks down carbohydrate fibers involved in waterbinding and as such in substrate viscosity. MethaPlus® acts on the corn silage fibers, which contains a high cellulose percentage as well as some starch and protein: all nutritive sources for the microorganisms in a biogas reactor.

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